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Related article: mann, 1 84 1, contains two col- oured plates by J. Ferneley, en- graved by E. Duncan, 24 mches by i8| inches. Little is known concerning John Femeley's career beyond the fact that he resided chiefly in York- shire, and as an artist we know him chiefly from the engravings of his paintings, which may be found in the sporting publications of his time. My Grandfathers Journals.* I 795- 1820. [Being episodes in the mihtary career of Colonel Theophilus St. Clair, K.H., formerly of the 145th Foot, and some time Assistant in the department of the Quarter-Master-General.] Extracted by Majoi( Arthur Griffiths. II.— A FIRST NIGHT AT MESS. hope that I might find better fortune in it than had fallen to his share. I have much to be thankful for, God knows, but my chiefest joy is that the dear old dad was spared to see me rise, beyond my deserts perhaps, to higher rank and honours than he had ever gained, and to know that he approved of my conduct as a soldier. " Alfy " — these were his last words— "be true to your God, your king, your name and your cloth ; tell the truth, and act like a gentleman. Avoid drink, duelling and cards. Do not fight in any private quarrel unless it is forced upon you ; never turn your back on the enemy, and stick always to your colours. You know more Gibraltar, Nov., 1795. When the time came to part with my father and embark for England I was very sore at heart. He too was greatly cast down. We had been almost inseparable com- panions Buy Panadol ever since I could re- member, and were all in all to each other. But he was too sensible to think that he could always keep me at his side, and I knew that unless I were to forego my dearest wish, which was to enter the army, I must leave him. He would not have baulked me for worlds, now that I was fairly starting in the profession that was his own, and when he bade me Godspeed it was with the frank * Copvri^bt. All rights reserved in Great Britain and the United States. 194 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [September of soldiering than most youngsters, but go on improving yourself, and do not be laughed out of it. Let your comrades see that you can hold your own in all field sports and manly exercises, and they will hardly count you a mere book- worm. Good bye, and God bless you." There were others there to see me on board the gun brig Thetis; half the garrison, with General 0*Hara at their head, and they gave me three hearty cheers — very intoxicating to such a child — but my services with regard to the mutiny had been generally ap- preciated. The Governor went further, and insisted on furnishing my regimental outfit, and some of the officers presented me with a sword — my first regulation sword. I wear it still. I reached my regiment just eleven days later, and found it in the Ship Street barracks, Dublin. It was numbered the 145th, and was better known as '* Cole- pepper's," Cheap Panadol from the name of the officer who had lately raised it, a country gentleman of consider- able estate, but quite new to the military profession. In later years the 145th gained another title, Order Panadol Online less creditable perhaps, yet in its way complimentary. We formed part of Picton's division in the Peninsula, the ** fighting third " as it was called, and once our General gave the regiment some very hard words about marauding. The very same day we were sent against the enemy's position, and Picton, shouting, " Come on, ye fighting rascals," led us on to the attack. The sobriquet stuck ; Buy Panadol Online even after in Spain, and in much later times we were known as the ** Royal Rascals," a title of honour no doubt in its best sense, and so accepted when the men were in a good humour. But if any used it with a whit of disrespect or con- tempt, wild fighting with the belts off was pretty sure to follow. It was not in very first-rate order when I joined. The men had been recruited largely in Ireland, although the regiment hailed from an English county, and were often wild and unmanageable, given greatly to drink, following the bad example of their officers, who were a dissipated lot. Colepepper was rather a fine gentleman, but no soldier, quite young, and with little or no experience. He was quite in the hands of his senior major, Lannigan, a veteran of many years standing, imbued with the old ideas, a six bottle man, much given to strange deep oaths, who believed that the sum total of military efficiency was made up of pipe-clay, hair powder, and the pace stick. He had his own recipe for pipe-clay, and kept it a profound secret ; he often super- vised the regimental hair-dresser at his work, measured the length of the queues with an inch tape, and was very particular about the amount of candle-grease used ; in drill he loved only the stiff evolu- tions of Freiderich's Grenadiers, as adopted in Dundas* " Twelve Manoeuvres." I can see him as he stood '* inspecting my kit " most fastidiously, bent only upon seeing that every article of my regi- mentals was strictly according Panadol Online to regulation ; a portly and very pompous little man, with many grog blossoms on his nose, and the puffy shortness of breath that comes of tight lacing : a plethoric person, with an irascible temper, especially when imprisoned in a high stock like an iron collar. "You'll do fairly well, young man," he was pleased to say, •* but Generic Panadol we will have these buttons moved the eighth of an inch outwards, and I don't quite like the cut of those lappels. Your gaiters draw 1897.] MY GRANDFATHER S JOURNALS. 195 too closely over the boots, and the cockade sets too high on your hat- cap. But the master tailor will see to these minutiae. You will commence drill to-morrow under